About the Series

At the Heels of History brings pivotal historical events to life through the eyes, ears, and noses of dogs. These four-legged, wet-nosed, action-packed adventures combine real history with exciting escapades, and show each character overcoming fears and flaws to become a hero. Each book features a canine protagonist, his or her best kid friend, and a challenge that will transform both their lives – all interwoven with an important turning point in history.

From pampered Pomeranian Filigree, who hitches a ride with Paul Revere on the famous midnight ride and proves that even a very small dog can fight for freedom, to Bo-Bo, the Gold Rush mutt who risks her life to search for a legendary cave of gold to  save her Chinese immigrant family’s claim and home, these stories explore themes of friendship, loyalty, teamwork, and doing what you know is right.

And keep an eye out for early news about the third book in the series, Minsha’s Night on Ellis Island, in which a loyal rat terrier from what is now Lebanon stows away to America and finds the true meaning of family.