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A fictional and fun-filled chapter book adventure series inspired by historical events and told through the eyes, ears, and noses of dogs.

About the Creators

Pam Berkman

Pam Berkman has published books for grown-ups, and At the Heels of History is her first series for kids. She loves writing about events in history and thinking about how they connect to things that are happening today.

Dorothy Hearst

Dorothy Hearst
 is the author of the Wolf Chronicles trilogy. She loves writing about canine characters, birds, and other creatures who can give us the chance to see ourselves in new ways. She is an acquiring editor, a martial artist, a self-defense instructor-in-training, an avid hiker and reader, and a dog lover. She is not entirely domesticated, but is very food motivated.

Claire Powell - Illustrator

Claire Powell is a bestselling children's book illustrator working in London, UK. She started out designing for big-hitting television brands, before an impromptu visit to a children's book exhibition led her down the path of illustration. Self-taught, Claire got her first book deal in 2015 and has never looked back.

About the Series

At the Heels of History brings pivotal historical events to life through the eyes, ears, and noses of dogs. These four-legged, wet-nosed, action-packed adventures combine real history with exciting escapades, and show each character overcoming fears and flaws to become a hero. Each book features a canine protagonist, his or her best kid friend, and a challenge that will transform both their lives—all interwoven with an important turning point in history.

Fun Fact

Pomeranians have a habit of spinning in circles. It's called the ‘the Pomeranian pirouette.'

Dogs and humans have lived together for at least 15,000 years and maybe as long as 40,000 years.

Samuel Adams really did have a Newfoundland who was trained to bark and nip at British soldiers. We don’t know his name for certain but it was probably Queue.

The Books