At the Heels of History Collection

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Published by: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Release Date: September 8, 2020


The perfect gift for the young dog lover in your life. All three adventures from the At the Heels of History series are now available together in one collectible boxed set.

Tag along with brave and loyal dogs as they live through pivotal moments in history! Join Filigree, the patriotic Pomeranian who stows away with Paul Revere's midnight ride in order to help him complete his mission; Bo-Bo, the big-hearted mutt as she searches for a legendary treasure during the California Gold Rush; and Minsha, the loyal terrier who travels to Ellis Island to find the family she lost.

Each fun-filled story is beautifully illustrated and includes and authors' note with additional information about the time period.

This pawsitively delightful boxed set includes paperback editions of:
Filigree's Midnight Ride
Bo-Bo's Cave of Gold
Minsha's Night on Ellis Island