Educators & Parents

The books in the At the Heels of History series are fun, action-packed, heart-warming stories and a way for kids to learn about history. For each book in the series, we’ll feature a quality curriculum guide with fun activities to help kids explore the themes and events in the books.

Here’s the guide for Filigree’s Midnight Ride.  

Here’s the guide for Bo-Bo’s Cave of Gold.

Here is the guide for Minsha’s Night on Ellis Island


We are creating videos for kids to enjoy at home, starting with a video read-aloud of Filigree’s Midnight Ride, with more to come!

Our school visits are now virtual via live video! While schools are closed and students are learning from home, we will be offering our interactive classroom program for Bo-Bo’s Cave of Gold and Filigree’s Midnight Ride via video. We will talk about the historical event the book is based upon (the California Gold Rush or Paul Revere’s ride) and about how we wrote a book together. We’ll then read from the book, giving students the opportunity to provide sound effects as we read. We will then share our screens to write a short draft of a story with students, getting suggestions from them via comments. We’ll end with a Q&A. Educators will receive a copy of the draft we wrote with the students to use for follow-up lessons if desired.

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